IMG_4233“The Docs, assistants and front office staff are wonderful. My past and current dogs have always been very well taken care of through the good times and the bad. I never hesitate to recommend them to all my friends, neighbors and co workers.”
-Rachel G.

“Both docs are great and very knowledgeable. I have a large boxer and a hypochondriac Wheaton terrier mix, who’s hair falls out. 🙂 I am at the clinic a lot. You can’t go wrong by taking your animal, both large and small to Marana Veterinary Clinic.”
-Tucson Softball Lessons

“Dr. Merayo did a wonderful job taking care of my little Sherman. They give great service and care.”
-Pete M.

“Marana Veterinary Clinic is the friendlest clinic in Arizona. Go give them a try and you will never go anywhere else when you need pet care.”
-John O.

“Marana Veterinary Clinic has taken care of animals and a few of our kids for the last 20 years, they are great!”
-Charles Y.

“We love Marana Veterinary. They are great!!!”
-Tina L.

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